Section 382

If you need a Section 382 Study done accurately, timely, and within budget, we can do it. Our work has withstood many audits.

Section 382 Consulting

We provide consulting services to firms that need Section 382 studies for their clients and to companies who need a study done.


If you are a frustrated with using spreadsheets, you should consider using our software. It’s easy-to-use and accurate!

Analysis & Modeling

Planning to raise capital or issue stock to new shareholders? Don’t be blindsided by Section 382.

Ongoing Support

Do you need ongoing tracking of testing dates or “what-if” scenario updates? Do you need access to an expert?


If it has been a while since you have done a Section 382 Study or if you just need to ask a few questions, we can help.

Get Started with your Section 382 Study!


Here are the first in a series of how-to videos that we hope you find useful

Section 382 FAQs

Long-Term Tax-Exempt Interest Rates

Get Started with your Section 382 Study!

Why You Should Engage Us For Your SECTION 382 STUDY 

Detailed Reports

Our reports are detailed, which is exactly what you need in the event of an audit.

Accurate and Precise

Our tax consultants use a robust web-based software solution for all Section 382 Studies.

Quick and Efficient

We have the tools and expertise to get your Section 382 Study done on time.

Cut Your Audit Risk

Take advantage of our expertise by getting a Quality Section 382 Study.


Our prices are easy on your bank account . Just a fraction of what the ``Big 4`` charge.

Awesome Cient Support

Have a question? Need help with your Section 382 Study? We're just a phone call away.


Top accounting firms engage us to review and in some instances, do their most complex Section 382 Studies.  CFOs and Tax Directors of public and private companies also rely on us for all phases of a Section 382 Study, including transaction modeling, 5-percent shareholder tracking, and compliance. Whether you need a Section 382 Study, an NOL valuation model, a Section 382(l)(5) vs. (l)(6) comparison, a State NOL/Section 382 analysis, a Section 382 Limitation Calculation, or anything in between, we have the expertise.

Brief Bio

Before starting Section 382 Solutions, I practiced tax law at a law firm in Washington, D.C. and was a Manager in the National Tax Department and Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Group at Ernst & Young, LLP.  I hold a J.D. (SUNY Buffalo) and LL.M. (Tax Law) from NYU School of Law and am admitted to practice in both New York State and the District of Columbia.
Along with a team of experienced tax consultants, we provide a suite of easy-to-use products and services that help accounting firms, valuation firms, law firms, and public and private companies comply with one of the most confusing and complicated Federal tax rules — Section 382.
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Thank you for your interest in our offerings.  We strive to respond to all communications within one business day.

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